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Attending USM-RIKEN International Center for Ageing Science (URICAS) Symposium 2019 and International Conference on Ageing 2019, Penang, Malaysia

March 6-8, 2019

URICAS Symposium 2019 was held at Universiti Sains Malaysia(USM), Penang, Malaysia on 6 March 2019. USM-RIKEN Centre of Ageing Science (URICAS) was established at USM in February 2015 as a joint laboratory of USM and RIKEN.Since then URICAS has held annual symposium and strengthen the research collaborations and nurture young researchers between the two research institutions.  Researchers from RIKEN and USM including students from USM presented their research works and projects.

URICAS Symposium 2019, young researchers presented their research works
MOU renewal signing ceremony at USM (from left) RIKEN Dr. Hiroshi Ono, RIKEN Executive Director Dr.Motoko Kotani, USM Vice Chancer Datuk Prof. Asma Ismail and USM Prof. Shaharum Shamsuddin

Following the symposium, International Conference on Ageing 2019 ageing with dignity was organized by USM on 7-8 March 2019. 21 RIKEN researchers and officials attended the international conference. 

Keynote Speaker and Penang Chief Minister Mr. Chow Kon Yeow(third from left) and USM
Prof. K. Sudesh Kumar (far right) at RIKEN booth at ICA 2019
(From right) USM Prof. Nazalan Najimudin, RIKEN Singapore RO Director Mr. Tsuzawa