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A*STAR – RIKEN Joint Workshop was held at Biopolis, Singapore on November 22, 2023, to promote interdisciplinary research collaborations.

December 13, 2023

RIKEN and Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) has 18 years of fruitful collaboration history since MOU between the two institutions was signed in 2005. RIKEN Singapore Representative Office, RIKEN’s first overseas office, was opened at Biopolis, A*STAR’s biomedical research hub, in 2006 and the MOU has been extended and included more research areas. The mutual partnership between two institutions has flourished over the years.

During this one-day joint workshop, 24 senior and junior researchers from both institutions discussed orally their technical presentations on four key topics: (1) AI for Social Outcomes, (2) Quantum Computing, (3) Translational Neuroscience and Immunology and (4) Chemistry for Sustainability. In addition, more than 30 junior researchers from both institutions displayed their research posters and exchanged their ideas with other participants actively.

The purpose of this joint workshop is to promote the expansion of the researchers’ networks and discussions on research collaboration as well as communication among researchers in various fields and discover innovative strategies.

The workshop was successful and meaningful, with active interactions and discussions across disciplines among workshop participants, initiating many ideas and discussions for actual interdisciplinary research collaboration in the future.

About seventy researchers from both institutions participated in this workshop. RIKEN Singapore Office was a member of the organising committee of this workshop. We would like to thank all the participants and all the other committee members who make this workshop a success.

Gift exchange by Mr. Yoshiaki Takahashi, Minister of the Embassy of Japan in Singapore and Prof Ng Huck Hui, Assistant Chief Executive, Research and Talent Development, A*STAR after their opening speeches