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News/Events 2010-2009

Director Kakihara was invited a lunch meeting with Japan Minister Kaieda

December 30, 2010   RIKEN Singapore Director Kakihara was invited to a lunch meeting as one of guests organized by Japan’s Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy Banri Kaieda who was in official visit to Singapore. The guests, consisted of Japanese academia professionals worked in Singapore’s research institutes, told Minister Kaieda about their experiences in Singapore and suggested Japan-Singapore‘s future collaborations in science R&D.


Students from Kyoto University visited RIKEN Office

September 21, 2010   A group of students from Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University, Japan, led by Prof. Imakubo, visited RIKEN Office and Biopolis. Director Kakihara lectured about Singapore and its R&D policy activities.


Students from Waseda University visited RIKEN Office

August 30, 2010  A group of students and teachers from Waseda University visited RIKEN Office. Director Kakihara lectured about Singapore and RIKEN’s activity.


RIKEN delegation visited Singapore R&D institutes

July 26-27, 2010 Delegation from RIKEN mainly from Yokohama Institute visited and held meetings with National Research Foundation (NRF), A*STAR,NUS and NTU for discussing research collaboration.


Japan MEXT Vice Minister Nakagawa visited RIKEN Office

May 5, 2010  Senior Vice Minister Masaharu Nakagawa of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT)visited Singapore and organized a meeting with Japanese professionals working in Singapore from both industry and academia to seek their advices on international cooperation and strategy for promoting Japan’s science and technology.This meeting was held at RIKEN Singapore office and Director Kakihara was invited as one of guests.


Visitors from Japan

2010.3.30 March 30, 2010   Members of SAITAMA Tourism Assembly Member League from Japan visited RIKEN Singapore office. Mr. Kakihara lectured about Singapore’s R&D policy and RIKEN’s activity.

Director Kakihara lectured at Kyoto University, Japan

♦March 11, 2010  RIKEN Singapore Director Mr. Kakihara was invited as a speaker at a symposium organised by Kyoto University Innovative Collaboration Center, Japan.He lectured about Singapore’s Biomedical R&D policy.


7th RIKEN Alumni Singapore Meeting

March 5, 2010   7th RIKEN Alumni Singapore Meeting at RIKEN Singapore Office.


Visitor from Japan Creative Centre, Singapore

January 28, 2010Mr.Hiroyuki Yamamoto,Director,Japan Creative Centre visited Biopolis and RIKEN Office(center in the photo).


Tour and Lectures for The Japanese School, Singapore Changi Campus PTA

January 26,2010   The Japanese School, Singapore Changi Campus PTA members visited Biopolis. RIKEN Singapore Office Director Mr. Kakihara as one of lecturers made presentations about introduction of RIKEN as well as Biopolis & Fusionopolis.


Meeting with JST President

September 18, 2009 Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST) President Dr. Koichi Kitagawa visited Biopolis to attend JST Singapore Office’s opening ceremony.RIKEN Singapore Director Kakihara had a meeting with Dr. Kitagawa and attended the ceremony.

Students from Tokyo Institute of Technology visited RIKEN Office

September 7, 2009Prof. Yoshiaki Ito, Deputy Director, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, NUS, Prof. Tanabe and students from Tokyo Institute of Technology Study Group visited RIKEN Singapore Office.


Students from Tokyo Institute of Technology visited RIKEN Office

August 25, 2009Lecturer,staff and students from Waseda University, Japan, visited RIKEN Singapore Office and had a lecture from Director Kakihara on RIKEN and Singapore’s R&D activity.


Students from Malaysia Multimedia University visited RIKEN Office

August 3, 2009 An undergraduate-based research work MESCORP 2008/2010 (Multimedia University Engineering Society Overseas Research Program) team, which is initiated by Multimedia University’s engineering students, visited RIKEN Singapore Office and interviewed Director Kakihara for their research work during their stay in Singapore.

RIKEN scientists invited as speakers at Symposium held at Biopolis

June 18, 2009   RIKEN Research Center for Allergy and Immunology (RCAI) , Laboratory for Cell Signaling Group Director Dr. Takashi SAITO and Laboratory for Lymphocyte Differentiation, Group Director Dr. Tomohiro KUROSAKI was invited as a speaker at SIgN-IFReC Joint Symposium held at Biopolis, Singapore.

6th RIKEN Alumni Singapore Meeting

May 19, 2009 6th RIKEN Alumni Singapore Meeting was held at Biopolis.

RIKEN-NUS-NTU Joint Seminar held in Singapore

May 20,2009 RIKEN-National University of Singapore(NUS)-Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Joint Seminar: Frontier of Chemical and Material Sciences was held at NTU,Singapore.

RIKEN-A*STAR Joint Symposium 2009

May 18-19, 2009 RIKEN-A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)Joint Symposium 2009 was held at Biopolis,Singapore. RIKEN Advance Science Institute(ASI) and the Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) of A*STAR co-organized a 2 day joint symposium.

The sessions included;


->Report on RIKEN-A*STAR Joint Symposium 2009 : RIKEN Research English journal 17 July 2009